Corporate Training


Social Media Management training

"Unlock the Power of Social Media with Our Training:

  •  Strategic Content Planning
  •  Analytics and Data Mastery
  • Effective Audience Engagement
  •  Business Growth Strategies
  •  Hands-On Learning
  •  Proven Social Media Tips
  • Boost Your Digital Presence

Get ahead in the digital world with our Social Media Management Training!"


Conflict Management Training

"Empower your team with our accredited Conflict Management Training:

  • Build Stronger Relationships
  • Resolve Issues Effectively
  • Enhance Communication Skills
  •  Gain Confidence in Handling Conflicts
  • Improve Workplace Productivity
  • Foster a Positive Work Environment

Invest in harmony and productivity – enroll in our Conflict Management Training today!"


Project Management Training

"Elevate your career with our accredited Project Management Training:

  • Master Key Skills
  • Deliver Successful Projects
  • Lead Teams with Confidence
  • Strategic Planning Expertise
  • Boost Career Prospects
  •  Achieve Project Goals

Invest in your future – enroll in our Project Management Training now!"


New Venture Creation Training

"Turn Your Ideas into Reality with our accredited New Venture Creation Training:

  •  Ignite Entrepreneurial Spirit
  •  Develop Winning Business Strategies
  •  Navigate the Startup Landscape
  •  Cultivate Financial Savvy
  •  Network with Industry Experts
  • Achieve Startup Success

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey – enroll in New Venture Creation Training today!"


Assistant Life Coach

"Empower Lives as an our accredited Assistant Life Coach, best for managers:

  • Unlock Personal Potential
  • Guide and Inspire Others
  • Develop Coaching Skills
  • Support Positive Change
  • Make a Meaningful Impact
  •  Start Your Coaching Journey

Join our Assistant Life Coach Training Program and help people thrive!"


Assistant Handyperson

"Elevate your career with our accredited Project Management Training:

  •  Equip Your Staff with Essential Maintenance Skills
  •  Enhance Efficiency in Repairs and Upkeep
  • Maximize Operational Effectiveness
  • Reduce Costs and Downtime
  • Invest in a Highly Skilled Workforce
  •  Elevate Facility Management Excellence

Empower your team to excel – Enroll in Assistant Handyperson Training now!"

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Skills development is recognized as a critical component of South Africa’s transformation and economic growth. Non-profitable organizations, public and private training institutions are urged by the government to prioritize scarce critical skills. Companies as well, are encouraged to spend money on training their workforce. To achieve the scale and sustainability required to address the skills shortage, a more collaborative and concerted effort is required.

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