Skills Development


Learner Recruitment

Unlock potential and expand your workforce with our Learner Recruitment Services. We specialize in connecting you with talented individuals from all walks of life – whether they’re unemployed, employed, living in rural or urban areas; or living in rural or urban areas; or living with disabilities. Together, let’s build a diverse, skilled, and inclusive workforce that drives your organization’s success.


Learner Placement

Elevate your workforce with our Learner Placement Services. We excel at matching eager learners with valuable in-service training opportunities and seamless post-training placements. Streamline your talent development process and watch your organization thrive.


Monitoring and Evaluation

Boost the impact of your training or skills development program with our Monitoring and Evaluation expertise. We ensure your efforts are measured, optimized, and aligned with your goals. Maximize outcomes and track progress with our proven solutions.


Project Management

Elevate your training project with our expert Project Management services. We provide the strategic oversight, organization, and execution that ensures your project’s success. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on achieving your training goals.


Skills Development Workshop

Unlock the potential of your team and organization with our Skills Development Workshops. Tailored for corporates, NPOs, and anyone seeking to enhance their skills development knowledge. Empower your workforce and drive growth with our transformative workshops.


Workplace Essential Skills

"Enhance Workplace Excellence with Essential Skills Training:

  •  Boost Employee Proficiency
  • Improve Communication
  • Strengthen Problem-Solving
  • Elevate Productivity
  • Cultivate a Skilled Workforce
  • Drive Success

Invest in your team's potential – enroll in Workplace Essential Skills Training today!"

About Us

Skills development is recognized as a critical component of South Africa’s transformation and economic growth. Non-profitable organizations, public and private training institutions are urged by the government to prioritize scarce critical skills. Companies as well, are encouraged to spend money on training their workforce. To achieve the scale and sustainability required to address the skills shortage, a more collaborative and concerted effort is required.

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